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Workshop Goal / Expected Results

Empower parents with effective and practical Positive Discipline Tools to help their teens stay focused and emotionally healthy even in difficult times during and transitioning into a post-pandemic stage.

Phase 1

Dealing With My Teen’s Academics, Social-Emotional Development and Routines During and Post-Pandemic Period

Parents will obtain positive discipline parenting tools that will guide them in dealing with challenging social-emotional behaviors during a post-pandemic stage. Also, they will acquire effective stress, anxiety, and depression coping skills. At last, parents will understand the importance of self-care and become positive influencers in their teen’s lives.

Phase 2

Raising a Responsible, Independent, and Resilient Teen During and Transitioning Into a Post-Pandemic Period

Parents will learn to identify their teen’s development stages to connect better and understand how they think and behave under stress. Also, we will equip parents to distinguish between mental health behaviors and physical behavioral changes.

Phase 3

Building Your Teen’s Self-Esteem, Character, and Identity Through Kindness and Respect During and Transitioning Into a Post-Pandemic Period

Parents will learn and acquire practical tools to help their teen’s social-emotional development. Also, parents will receive tools to connect to their teen’s heart and build their self-esteem by keeping making deposits into their Emotional Bank Account. At the same time, parents will know how to fulfill their inner needs to prevent bullying, sexting, pornography, drugs, and technology addictions during and the post-pandemic season. Parents will know how to transform challenging situations into opportunities to teach and learn

Phase 4

How to Motivate and Help Your Teenager in Choosing His Professional Career and Discovering His Life Purpose

Parents will have a deeper understanding of the importance of belonging through love and significance through responsibilities. When teenagers feel loved and important, it boosts their immune system, stabilizes their heart rate, and reduces stress. When teenagers feel better, they tend to do better at home and school. Also, parents will understand how their teen's brain works. They will acquire tools and skills in how to motivate them from the inside out intrinsically. Parents will understand the process that turns mistakes into learning opportunities while looking for career choices and life purpose. In addition, parents will know how important family traditions are to positively impact their teen's life short term and long term.


What the principals say about the workshops

Disciplina Positiva is simply one of the best training programs Loara High School has been able to offer parents. The impact the training has had upon our families has been profound, and there is no question that our students and campus have benefitted tremendously. That said, I can assure you that providing Disciplina Positiva training will continue to be a priority at Loara.
John Briquelet
Anaheim Union High School District

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