Elementary School Level


“Capable Children Raised Though Love, Dignity, and Respect”

  • The Positive Approach – What is Positive Discipline?

  • Stop Attacking the Misbehavior and Fulfill the Inner Needs

  • Empower vs. Enabling – Mistakes are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn 

  • Family Meetings – Leaders are Born at Home and Tested at School

  • Routines – The Key to Establish Good Habits

  • Uniting all the Techniques and Tools of Positive Discipline in Action

Phase II

“Children, Chores, and Responsibilities”

  • Stop Labeling Me and Love Me for Who I Am

  • Help Me Break Bad Habits That Limits My Success

  • Fulfill My Inner Needs & I’ll Be Happy to Cooperate  

  • If You Love Me; Don’t Do It for Me, Teach Me How 

  • What Children Need to Know About Themselves and Finances  

  • Showing Evidence of Success in Responsibilities

Phase III

“Children: Challenges and Success in their Lives”

  • How Do I Approach The “Sex Talk” with My Teen? 

  • Things You Need to Know about Technology – Sexting, Cyber Bulling, Safety, Etc.  

  • My Past and Present Can Be Projected in My Teen’s Future – Am I Comfortable with That?  

  • Decoding My Inner Teen to Better My Parenthood Experience 

  • A Full Love Tank Is a Happy Tank 

  • Steps To Follow to Guide a Teen’s Life to Grow-Up as a Professional

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